Powell day care fires two employees after children seen outside secure area


POWELL, Tenn. (WATE) — A child care center in Powell has fired two employees after two children were seen outside the center’s outdoor play area.

Mudpies & Music Child Care Center owner & director Kara McKamey confirmed that two employees in charge of supervising the children were fired after two children were able to leave the secured outdoor play area on Thursday, June 10.

The two children were seen outside the fenced outdoor play area by members of the community before being returned to the day care. It is unclear how long the children were outside the fence.

Terrell Minor Sr. and his daughter Tierra were the two good Samaritans who helped the children back into the day care.

Minor said he was taking his daughter to dance practice when they saw the two kids in the middle of the road on West Emory Road.

“The babies just came out the gate running up the street. One had a basketball and the other one was just trailing. They was, you know, laughing. So we just hopped out the car and grabbed them and put in the gate over there (at the day care). And there was two more babies hanging out the gate like they was trying to decide if they was going to leave or not,” Minor said.

Minor said the two kids weren’t simply out of the gate, but they were in the middle of a busy road.

“One car going up the other car coming down. They was right there in the middle like that,” Minor said.

“The cars honking their horn, they’re still running,” Tierra said.

After seeing the kids in the road, the Minors knew that, even though they were running late to dance, they needed to get the kids to safety.

“I was just thinking, ‘man like these kids gotta get out the road before they get ran over.’ That’s what I was thinking,” Minor said.

The father said it was just instinct to get out of the car to help.

“It’s like if you see an older woman having a car issue, and then you help her out the road, gotta help her push the car. Me personally, I’m going to hep her push it. It’s just the same thing to me,” Minor said.

He said when he went to take the kids back to the gate, he only saw one adult and her back was facing the fence.

Minor said when he brought the kids back in, he told the employee she needs to make sure the kids aren’t in the road.

“Don’t get me wrong, everybody makes mistakes. But, that could have been a real bad one. Cause if somebody would have ran them over one, or for two, somebody would have picked them up and left. You never would have seen them no more,” Minor said.

McKamey said the incident has been reported to state licensing authorities.

A statement from the day care states a latch on a newly installed fence broke and the two children briefly left the play area. No children were injured in the incident and the gate has since been repaired.

We have also reported the incident to state licensing authorities and will comply with any recommendations that they have in order to ensure that parents can remain confident that their children will be safe and secure while in our care.

Mudpies and Music has been in operation in the Powell community for twenty-eight years and nothing is more important to us than the safety of the children we care for, and the trust of their parents. As the founder and owner of Mudpies and Music, and also as a mother, I understand you may have questions or concerns. I am here for you. Trust is earned through transparency, and in that light I invite you to reach out to me personally to arrange a tour of the facility, to see the changes that we’ve implemented, or to answer any questions you may have. As always, you can also check in on your children any time through our online camera system”

Mudpies and Music Child Care Center Owner/Director Kara McKamey

One parent of a child at the day care facility told us it was shocking to find out the way that they did on social media, but after learning the gate and lock were repaired and the employees were fired, he felt the day care staff did take immediate action.

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