POWELL, Tenn. (WATE) — The mother of 6-year-old Payce Scharff says it’s a miracle he’s still alive after he was struck by a vehicle early Wednesday morning in Powell. Payce Scharff said he loves to play outside.

“I really want to go run around outside and do some stuff,” he said.

“This kid is such a champ,” his mother Dorinda Scharff said with tears in her eyes, not because of his time on the field, but because of the challenge, he faced that could have been a gamechanger for his whole family.

“We were sitting in my car waiting for the bus,” she said. “Payce got out to get the paper because that’s something we do every day.”

She added, “Payce waited until no cars were coming and he crossed the street.”

Scharff said Payce had his hand on the mailbox still when a van came by and hit him, throwing him into the air, and then into a ditch. Payce was knocked unconscious.

“I got out and immediately screamed,” she said.

A neighbor called 911.

In tears, Scharff said, “all I could do was pray because Jesus was the only one that could bring him home to me and I really thought he was dead.”

Payce was rushed to the hospital to be treated for broken bones and other serious injuries and was back home within 24 hours.

Dorinda Scharff said it was the prayers and support from the medical staff at UT Hospital and the community that helped her stay strong for her family.

“He goes to Copper Ridge Elementary School and I will have to say the outpouring of messages, and gifts, and love that have been sent our way is absolutely amazing. We can’t thank everyone enough for everything that they have done.”

Payce said he’s grateful too,

“Thank you for raising money, and praying for me, and for giving me balloons.”

For now, Payce will spend most of his time indoors relaxing and playing video games he says until he’s fully recovered and can make it back to playing outside and the sports that he loves once again.

If you would like to help the family with medical expenses you can click here.