Preventing children from getting injured while playing sports


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Youth sports are in full swing. Kids are playing football, soccer and other sports all over East Tennessee. More than 38 million children play sports each year in the United States and one in three is injured seriously enough to miss practice or games, according to Safe Kids Worldwide.

Prevention is key to staying safe while having fun, says Dr. Shannon Cohen from East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. She says the top three sports injuries seen there are concussions, fractures/sprains and lacerations.

Concussions can cause a change in level of alertness, extreme sleepiness, vomiting, bad headache and seizure. Symptoms of a fracture or sprain can include a snap or grinding noise, swelling, bruising, tough to move, warmth and redness, and pain in the joint. Lacerations are minor cuts that can be treated by rinsing the wound with water and applying pressure with sterile gauze, a bandage or clean cloth.

If your child has a serious injury to the neck, head or back; any loss of consciousness; numbness; a wound that is large or deep; or bleeding that won’t stop, take him or her to the emergency room. Always make sure your children wear the proper gear for the sport he or she is taking part in.More online:

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