Proposal to name section of I-440 for slain nurse Caitlyn Kaufman


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A resolution has been approved to rename a portion of Interstate 440 in Nashville for 26-year-old Saint Thomas West ICU nurse Caitlyn Kaufman.

Kaufman was shot and killed on the interstate as she drove to work at the hospital on Dec. 3,. 2020.

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  • Caitlyn Kaufman
  • Caitlyn Kaufman
  • Caitlyn Kaufman cross
  • Caitlyn Kaufman
  • Caitlyn Kaufman
  • Caitlyn Kaufman

Commissioner Sara Patton introduced the resolution. Patton is a nurse herself and said the resolution was the perfect way to honor Kaufman’s life, stating, “all of the things she could have done with her life and it was needless to take it away.”

In a unanimous vote, Wilson County commissioners agreed to honor Kaufman’s life by naming part of I-440 the “Caitlyn Kaufman Memorial Mile.”

“She did not think that was going to be her last day, so I think back through this, I think about the importance of every moment we live,” said Mayor Randell Hutto. 

In a heartfelt letter to Mayor Hutto, Macey Martin wrote about how much she was looking forward to Kaufman becoming a godmother to her soon-to-be-born child. Martin worked alongside Kaufman at Saint Thomas and when her best friend didn’t show up to work, having to call Kaufman’s mother was the worst moment of her life. 

The letter read, “Many nurses take that same path on their way to work. It is a painful reminder of the loss of an amazing daughter, friend, and caregiver. A sign commemorating Caitlyn’s last-mile traveled will remind us not only that her life was cut short, but that she lived it fully. She was caring for the city she loved.”

Investigators determined Kaufman was killed when at least six gunshots were fired into her SUV. The fatal shot entered her left shoulder and killed her within 15 seconds, according to the medical examiner. Authorities believe she died too quickly to attempt to call 911.

Three people have since been charged in connection with her death.

A reward of more than $65,000 was offered for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the person(s) responsible for Kaufman’s murder.

There are multiple ways you can donate to help the family of Kaufman.

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