PUPPY LOVE: Astronaut reunites with dog after nearly a year in space


HOUSTON, Texas (KETK) – After being in space for nearly a year, astronaut Christina Koch had an emotional reunion with her best friend.

Her furry friend, that is.

On her twitter, Koch posted a video of the joyous reunion.

The video shows Koch walking into her house with her husband and met at the door by their ecstatic dog, named Little Brown Dog, or LBD for short.

LBD leaps all over Koch, showering her with kisses and wiggling excitedly the whole time.

Koch posted this adorable video of their reunion with the caption, “Not sure who was more excited. Glad she remembers me after a year!”

Koch returned to earth last week after spending 328 days working on the international space station.

From the looks of it, she and LBD are equally happy she’s home.

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