Recode Knoxville advances, hits halfway point


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Recode Knoxville has officially reached a halfway point.

The Knoxville City Council passed the first reading of the Recode zoning map portion Tuesday night, but passed the first reading of the text ordinance for the second time.

For Tuesday night’s vote, city leaders were slated to vote a second time on the more than 400-page Recode ordinance. Recode is in two parts, with each part having to be voted on twice. The first part being the text portion; the second part is the map portion.

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Here’s what happened:

The proposed zoning overhaul is made up of two parts: An ordinance and a map. On July 16, Knoxville City Council passed the text ordinance on a first reading, 7 to 2, sending it to a second and final reading Tuesday.

Tuesday night, when the council discovered some language in Recode stating some commercial vehicles were no longer allowed to be parked outside a person’s home, including school buses, Councilwoman Lauren Rider (District 4) proposed an amendment.

Her change would use language from the existing zoning ordinance, and allow people in her district and throughout Knoxville to continue to park their commercial vehicles at their homes.

Her amendment was considered a “substantive” change by the city law director, which bumped it back down to a first reading.

The vote was 5 to 4 for the amendment.

The four against wanted to pass the ordinance, with the ban on certain commercial vehicles, and have the issues reviewed by the an advisory committee, to recommend appropriate revisions.

Essentially, they’d have until January 2020 to implement any changes before anyone would be impacted by the change.

Rider, who said she couldn’t do that to her constituents, continued to push for the amendment and delaying the second reading.

“Everybody is very worn down at this point in the process. So, they wanted to be able to say ok, this is the second reading, we’re done with that. It’s off our plate. But, unfortunately, we needed to take an extra meeting. So, we’re going to have to hear it again at second reading. I think it will be a little less lively, but I think we needed to do it for our constituents,” Rider said.

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