City Council to weigh Recode Knoxville portions Tuesday night


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – City leaders are taking another vote on Recode Knoxville Tuesday night.

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It changes current zoning for every property in the city aiming to allow more development options.

Planning officials say Recode also protects existing neighborhoods from major changes.

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But it’s been a long road to Tuesday night’s vote – many are still not convinced it’s a good idea.

For Tuesday night’s vote, city leaders will vote a second time on the more than 400-page Recode ordinance. But Recode is in two parts, with each part having to be voted on twice.

The first part being the text portion; the second part is the map portion.

The council will also vote for a first time on the map portion Tuesday night. It had already voted on and passed the text portion earlier this month.

Through color-coding different parcels, it assigns every property in the city to a particular zone.

Major highlights of the zoning overhaul:

  • Allows commercial and residential development on major roads like Broadway, Kingston Pike, Magnolia and Chapman Highway
  • Extends hillside protections to home or commercial construction
  • Implements design standards in future housing and businesses
  • Allows ADUs or mini houses/mother-in-law suites; only for certain sized-yards and adequate parking.

The city council planning director tells WATE 6 On Your Side the entire city council, aside from Councilman Mark Campen, have met with planning officials to address any concerns before Tuesday night’s meeting.

If the ordinance and the map pass Tuesday, only one more voting process remains from making Recode Knoxville a reality.

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