Resolution congratulating President Trump for his acquittal scheduled in Tennessee House


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A resolution for President Trump could get some attention this week on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill.

West Tennessee Republican Representative Andy Holt wants to recognize the president for being acquitted by the U.S Senate on the impeachment charges brought by the U.S. House.

“I think its a notable historical event in our time that should (he) be recognized for being acquitted,” Rep. Holt said Monday afternoon.  

The lawmaker’s resolution also honors Tennessee’s two Republican U.S Senators for voting to acquit the president.

“Which I think does mirror…the sympathies that Tennesseans have had relative to this particular proceeding,” Rep. Holt added.

Along with the acquittal congratulations, the House resolution recognizes the president for other things like creating four-million jobs and record low unemployment.

The lawmaker plans to get a copy of the resolution to the senators and the White House.

“It would be my intention for Senator Alexander to receive a copy, Senator Blackburn to receive a copy and for the president to receive a copy,” said the lawmaker.

The Republican said he’s expected to get most if not all his party votes for the House resolution, but not many, if any of the Democrats.

Democrat Rep. Bo Mitchell of Nashville is among those who will not be voting for the Trump resolution.

“This is just another waste of taxpayer dollars on something to further a partisan, political agenda.” said Rep. Mitchell in a statement.  “I think there are plenty of deserving Tennesseans who haven’t been honored.  What’s next?  Are we going to honor every Tennessean who was acquitted of a crime?”

The resolution honoring President Trump is scheduled to be heard on the House floor this coming Thursday.


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