MARYVILLE (WATE) – Friday is National Donut Day, it’s a holiday that’s been celebrated across the country since 1938. For many people in East Tennessee, there’s not a better place to honor the sweet holiday than at Richy Kreme Donuts in Maryville, which has been open for 67 years.

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“Donuts. I love donuts. I love Richy Kreme Donuts,” said customer John Hearns. National Donut Day brought hundreds of people to Richy Kreme Donuts to buy the sweet treats by the dozen.

The glazed goodies are the most popular, and workers at Richy Kreme sold more than 2,000 before 9 a.m. Friday. “We tried to come early to beat the crowd, but we weren’t very successful,” said customer Connie Huffman.

Practically everything at the bakery is homemade, that includes the glaze. Friday Richy Kreme Donuts workers expected to go through 50 gallons of the sugary, sweet glaze.

The donuts taste so delicious thanks to hours of hard work. Richy Kreme Lead Baker, Josh Smith, started his shift at 10 p.m. Thursday. “I honestly didn’t expect it to get this crazy, but we just keep on rolling, that’s all we can do,” Smith said.

Although it stayed crazy in the kitchen, it was equally as hectic in the front of the store. Some of the customers have visited Richy Kreme for decades. “I will come back here until the day I die,” said Hearns.

“I didn’t even know what was going on, but [my dog] got me up and said, ‘we gotta get up, it’s National Donut Day.’ He loves them, Richy Kreme Donuts,” said customer Kendall Wells. From dogs, to people, none of us can deny a good old fashioned donut, especially from Richy Kreme. The donut shop has been baking in Blount County for 67 years.

“[The people who work here] are just fine, fine people and that adds a sweetness to the donuts you just can’t get anywhere else,” said Wells.

Although Friday marked one of the busiest days of the year for Richy Kreme Donuts, workers said they expect to be even more busy next month. The Maryville business is celebrating its 68 birthday July 17.