KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, groceries prices have seen the largest 12-month increase in 43 years. Churches in Knox County are trying to take the load off of residents’ wallets by providing a necessity, food.

The sight of a box filled with fresh produce and other groceries brought many Knoxvillians a sigh of relief Saturday.

“It’s a lot of us families that are really struggling to make ends meet month after month,” Knoxville resident Shelby Taylor said.

Clinton Chapel AME Zion Church and Rogers Memorial Baptist Church came together to provide for those like Shelby Taylor, who said times aren’t getting easier.

“As a child, I thought it was hard growing up, it’s even harder now, even with all the technology and all the stuff, you would think that it would be easier now, but it’s not,” Taylor said.

Volunteers worked to provide assistance to those in the community. Peggy Myers, who helped with the giveaway, said this is something people should take advantage of in times like these.

“Anytime we have these food giveaways, we’re begging you to please come by, don’t be ashamed, it’s okay,” she said.

Even for those who couldn’t make it, Myers is still finding a way to give to those in need. “I have two that I’m dropping off to a couple of seniors that are homebound and not able to drive up to get a box.”

It’s this type of fellowship that one of the organizers, Geno Bailey, said is needed now more than ever.

“Jobs are available but with inflation being as high as it is, a person uses the majority of their money for daycare or for medical purposes or whatever, and so when you look back at the bottom line you don’t have much for food,” he said.

Helping those in the community has become the main focus for the volunteers, according to the organizers.

“I know that a lot of people are going hungry everywhere all over the world, but in the communities around here in Knoxville, we’re glad to be able to help,” Myers said.

This is the second food giveaway the churches have held and has become an annual event. They managed to give out over 140 boxes of food and hope to double the produce next year.