Rural Metro shares helpful safety tips for National Fire Prevention Week


KNOXVILLE, TENN. (WATE) — National Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 6 – Oct. 12 in the United States. Knoxville is currently in a dry period, making the risk of brush fires more prevalent.

Practicing responsible burning habits while enjoying outdoor activities can save lives, according to fire officials, who shared some key takeaways.

“If you’re outside, you’re out in the mountains, you have a campfire, use common sense. Put rocks around the campfire. When you leave, make sure that it’s out completely. No smoldering embers, don’t think it’s going to rain later, it’ll put it out. Put it out completely.” said Jeff Bagwell, Public Information Officer for the Rural Metro Fire Department.

With more frequent use of space heaters and wood burning stoves in the winter months, the risk of fire is higher.

Making sure that no flammable items are close to heaters or other hot objects can help prevent a tragedy.

It’s also recommended that you change your smoke detectors twice a year.

One clear sign that it may be time for new ones is if they start going off at random times.

The Rural Metro Fire Department will provide new smoke detectors to anyone who needs them free of charge.

The agency will also change batteries if you can’t get to your smoke detectors. Contact the Knox County Fire Bureau at 865-215-4660.

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