CRAB ORCHARD (WATE) – In a speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Lamar Alexander publicly opposed the upcoming Crab Orchard Wind Farm project.

“There are few places any more beautiful than Cumberland County. We should not allow anyone to destroy our environment,” said Alexander.

Cumberland County resident Steve Rimmert caught the speech on TV and agrees with the senator.

“To spoil this for such little benefit makes no sense to me whatsoever it’s absolutely stunningly beautiful here,” said Rimmert.

This beauty may soon be filled with 20 to 23 wind turbines brought to the area by Apex Clean Energy.

“We were disappointed Senator Alexander didn’t reach out to discuss the project with us directly…Crab Orchard Wind represents a private investment of up to $130 million that will provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual tax revenue for Cumberland County while creating over 100 jobs during construction and several permanent jobs during operation,” said Apex Energy spokesman Kevin Chandler.

Rimmert says that’s still not enough to build a wind farm and has already addressed his issues with his county commissioner.

“There are significant downsides,” said Rimmert.

He says those include the wildlife and homeowners’ property values.

“This project really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense,” he said.

These Cumberland County residents even have a petition going around that opposes this wind farm.

Organizers say at this point, they already have close to 1,000 signatures. Apex Energy says they plan to begin construction on the project next year. Residents who oppose the idea say they will continue to fight against this with Sen. Alexander.