MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Three people were taken to a hospital and a student is in custody after fentanyl was found at Sequoyah High School Tuesday, a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said.

Two student resource officers confiscated a vape pen after being called to remove a 17-year-old student from a classroom.

Jason Fillyaw, a detective with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, said the SROs were told about a student with a vape pen on campus. They found the student who reportedly had the pen and took the student back to their office.

When disassembling the pen to test what was inside, a white piece of paper fell out. That paper had white powder on it that was later determined to be fentanyl.

The two student resource officers and a school nurse were exposed to the substance, according to the sheriff’s office. All three were administered Narcan and transported to a local hospital. They are in stable condition, a spokesperson said.

The student was taken into custody following the incident.

A hazmat team with the 10th Judicial District Drug Task Force was deployed to the school to remove any possible fentanyl residue. The Monroe County Schools Superintendent also shared that a private cleaning/restoration company will “thoroughly clean and sanitize the same area.” The school will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday for cleaning.

Director of Schools Kristi Windsor also shared that the school system will be working to curb any drug issues within the schools, including the use of random drug dog searches. There will also be training for school faculty and staff about the signs and symptoms of drug use, and how to respond.

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