SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Sevier County Humane Society was hit hard last time there was severe weather. They were without power and water for several days and their driveway was covered with downed trees. They along with other residents are now preparing for the potential of more severe weather heading their way this weekend. 

“It was just chaotic,” said kennel technician August Rios. “That’s really the best way I can describe it.

“It was stressful. We were just trying to keep the animals as warm as possible.”

Just a week ago Sevier County Humane Society had to deal with dozens of downed trees, no power, or water.

“We didn’t know how long it was going to take if the animals were going to survive or not with the cold conditions,” Rios said. “It was pretty scary.”

Luckily, the community donated generators and blankets. However, it wasn’t enough to keep the whole building running.

“With the one generator that we had we could only run two heaters at a time,” said kennel technician Tim Marienau.

They got through that storm, when they heard another one was on the way, they knew they had to be more prepared. The humane society reached back out to the community for donations for a new generator that could power the whole building.

And just days later, they got one. 

“This is a pretty nice generator,” Marienau said. “It has a lot of power that we need and it has dual fuel so we can run it on propane and gas.”

Not only were they able to buy a generator, but Rios said they were able to get gas to power the generator.

“We got like 30 gas cans filled,” she said. “We got tons and tons of donations for gas, tons of blankets, just donations of money in general.”

Rios and Marienau say they’re way more prepared this time around.

“I’m filling all the tanks up and all the generators tonight to be prepared in case we lose power again,” Marienau said.