GATLINBURG (WATE) – His daughter is accusing him of murder, but he says he is innocent.

Earlier this week Penny Stephens went on the Dr. Phil show accusing their father, Ted Hercutt, of being behind her her sister, Shannon Hercuff’s murder.

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Shannon Hercutt was killed in August of 2009 in Sevier County. Originally her death in looked like a car accident, but investigators later said she had been killed before her car crashed.

Hercutt says when he went to the Dr. Phil show he thought it was to reconcile with his daughter. When Stephens accused him of being behind his daughter’s murder, he said he had to spend several days recovering from the accusations.

“It was terrible enough to go losing Shannon. Now I’ve lost Penny for good. And now going through this being accused of murder of my daughter?” he said.

Stephens says she believes her father was hoping to inherit money or part of Shannon’s business not realizing he had been cut out of her will.

“I didn’t need Shannon’s money,” Hercutt responded when asked about those allegations. ” The whole show was about me murdering Shannon. It was nothing about reconciliating (sic) our relationship. That was never brought up. Very sad, very sad. It really hurt.”

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Ted Hercutt’s friend, Stephen DeWitt, is a former private investigator. DeWitt said his investigation cleared him from any wrongdoing.

“It’s killing him inside but he doesn’t want to come out and defend himself,” said DeWitt.

Both say they do not know why the accusations are flying, but Hercutt says he just wants it all behind him.

“Before people make a judgment, they really need to know the facts, and you know where there’s smoke there ain’t always fire,” said DeWitt.

“What I’ve told you is totally the truth. I’ve never lied. I’ve not had anything to do with Shannon’s murder,” said Hercutt.

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation is still ongoing and they are following up on all leads they get.

So far they have not said if they have any suspects.

There is a $45,000 reward for any information leading to a conviction in this case.

Anyone with information should call the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office at (865)428-1899.