SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Here are some free events and activities to enjoy this weekend to learn more about Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, and have fun as the summer ends.

Mount Ton of Fun Playground

Sevierville has an inclusive playground made for everyone with learning components for all ages and abilities. What makes this playground different from the others is how the equipment includes physical, social-emotional, sensory, cognitive and communication domains for child development. The playground has a “roller table” for kids to use as an upper body workout, a “we-saw” for children to be encouraged to play together, a sensory play center for children to engage with their senses and encourage cooperation, and more.

  • Location: 1005 Park Road, Sevierville, TN
  • Date: Sun-Sat
  • Time: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Visit the Dolly Parton Statue

She’s an East Tennessee native, and a national treasure. Dolly Parton has a statue of herself in her hometown of Sevierville. The bronze statue is one of the most famous landmarks in the Smoky Mountains. The statue displays a younger Parton with a guitar. The statue was debuted in 1987. Well-known in East Tennessee, it would be a great experience to go and take pictures with Parton.

  • Location: 125 Court Ave., Sevierville, TN
  • Date: Sun-Sat
  • Time: 24 hours

Harrisburg Covered Bridge

It’s an old bridge and was built in the mid-1800s. The bridge was used to connect two different communities over the East Prong of the Little Pigeon River. The Harrisburg Bridge, once called the McNutts Bridge, was destroyed by a storm. The Sevier County Court decided to rebuild the bridge. The community donated and raised money to have the bridge built. While other covered bridges were torn down, Harrisburg Covered Bridge still remained. Get a chance to see the covered bridge and learn some history about the county.

  • Location: Harrisburg Road, Sevierville, TN
  • Date: Sun-Sat
  • Time: 24 hours

King Family Library

This library holds a unique build since it’s a public library with metropolitan resources and facilities but still feels like it belongs in a small town. There is a history center that has resources with the staff being available for help if needed. For kids, there is also an area for kids to enjoy books, puzzles and computer access. What makes the library stand out is the brick structure that makes it look like it’s from the historic past.

  • Location: 408 High St., Sevierville, TN
  • Date: Saturday, Aug. 13
  • Time: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Island in Pigeon Forge is one of the few gems in Sevierville. The area has free admission and welcomes all to walk about the area. There are sometimes live events, shops and other attractions. You can see the giant observation wheel from a distance. The area also has a nice view of the environment, especially the Great Smoky Mountains. If you’re on vacation or live nearby, you have to visit the Island in Pigeon Forge.

  • Location: 131 The Island Dr., Pigeon Forge, TN
  • Date: Sun-Sat
  • Time: 10 a.m.-12 a.m.

Riverwalk Trail

For people who love to walk through nature, the Riverwalk Trail offers a way for people to go outdoors and travel to other attractions. The trail is located at Patriot Park and people hike, bike or run. The trail goes past Old Mill Avenue, LeConte Event Center, the Island of Pigeon Forge and the Pigeon Forge Community Center.

  • Location: near 2936 Teaster Lane, Pigeon Forge, TN
  • Date: Sun-Sat
  • Time: anytime