SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — New wayfinding signs have been placed along Sevierville’s 12-mile greenway system. The Parks and Recreation department said the signs match other signs in the new city-wide wayfinding program.

There are two kinds of wayfinding signs: 10 signs can be found along major roadways designating greenway locations, and numerous signs along the greenway trails provide greenway names and distances to various points throughout the greenway system.

In December 2021, the city received national recognition for the design of the new wayfinding signage from Graphic Design USA (GDUSA), a national information source for graphic design professionals. There are wayfinding signs for welcoming people to the city limits, the municipal campus, historic landmarks, and the greenway system. The signs also provide people with consistent signage whether they are driving, walking, running, or riding a bicycle in Sevierville.

“We’re excited to receive this recognition for our wayfinding project,” said Sevierville Planning Director Dustin Smith. “KMA has been a great partner. We feel the new signage significantly improves navigation throughout the Municipal Campus area.”

The goal of the wayfinding project is to create a sense of place throughout the entire city, and help people reach their destination, while also creating an aesthetically pleasing design that encompasses Sevierville’s natural resources of rivers and mountains.

The first greenway in Sevierville opened in 1998 and the city now has developed 12 miles of greenways along the city’s rivers, within parks and parallel to major roads. The Sevierville Parks and Recreation master plan provides for the continued development of greenways with the goal of increased connectivity in the city.