GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WATE) — Footage taken of bears on a Ring camera in Gatlinburg will be featured in a Super Bowl commercial.

Robert Romanski was checking the footage from his home when he saw black bears in the driveway and opening the doors of a van belonging to a cleaning crew member.

“I’m currently in Florida where I live most of the year, but I have a home in Gatlinburg, and so it’s kind of exciting just to see what’s going on and when I see bears it’s just really, really fun,” Romanski said.

The bears easily opened the doors and started pulling items out from inside. Romanski says he warns guests of bears in the area.

“We have posted in probably every single room: lock your car doors even if you’re going inside for ten seconds because many people go in, they carry in their luggage, they walk back out and there’s a bear inside their car,” Romanski said.

After posting the footage on the Neighbors app, Ring reached out to Romanski to see if they could feature the footage in their Super Bowl ad, and he gladly agreed.

“Come on, my video being associated in any way with the NFL and the biggest sporting event in the history of the world… it’s exciting,” Romanski said.

The commercial will be featured in on-air and streaming broadcasts of the Super Bowl. Romanski said he will be tuning in on Sunday to catch his clip on TV.