SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Sevierville animal shelter is still working to find homes for the current dogs in its facility after reaching full capacity.

Sunday morning, the Sevier Animal Care Center said some community members came in support after the facility announced on Friday that they were “drowning in dogs,” and have “seven dogs in temporary wire crates” in the hallways.

The center posted to Facebook about receiving a large animal control case. “Many of the dogs are injured and some may have already passed away on the property. We and our county animal control officers are in a crisis mode.”

According to the center, since their post, 16 dogs have been adopted or went on a trial adoption. However, there are still dogs in need of a home.

“To our wonderful community: We all love you so much!!! Not only did you send in a ton of donations, which are desperately needed, but so many of you responded by fostering and adopting! We actually had a line when we opened!!!”
~Sevier Animal Care Center on Facebook

They are asking the community to continue to adopt the dogs or donate resources. They also said the offices and foster homes are currently full.

“We cannot help anymore in need until some of [the dogs] find their forever home or a possible rescue option,” Sevier Animal Care Center said on Facebook.

Sevier Animal Care Center is waiving adoption fees through Feb. 11.

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