GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WATE) — A mother bear and three cubs interrupted a family vacation in Gatlinburg earlier this month.

Joseph Barron was on vacation with his family at a cabin in Gatlinburg when they noticed frequent visits from the bears. Barron said when they first got to the cabin, there was a group of bears walking up the street.

On September 23, Barron captured a video of one of the bears walking up beside the cabin, coming up the deck steps and then jumping over the gate toward Barron. The video posted on TikTok has gathered more than 15 million views.

“The bear was walking around the cabin Saturday morning while we where eating breakfast. Me and a few family members walked outside so see the bear.” Barron said.

As they were running, Barron said he dropped a soda and his cousin dropped her plate with a strip of bacon, that the bear ate.

Barron shared four video clips with WATE, each taken on different days. While the family was there, the bears were seen digging in trash cans and scoping out the cabin as the family grilled.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency warns that bears should never be fed or approached, as this can be dangerous for both the bear and people. Anyone who sees a bear should make their presence known by yelling and shouting at the bear, and TWRA says to stand your ground, raise your arms, and throw rocks if approached by a bear.