LAFOLLETTE, Tenn. (WATE) — Deputies with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department are investigating vandalism at Bakers Forge Cemetery.

The department said their top detectives trying to find who is responsible for breaking vases off of headstones at the Bakers Forge Cemetery in LaFollette.

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office takes every instance of criminal activity seriously, and this is no exception.  It is incredibly sad that someone would vandalize and steal from one’s final resting space, and speaks directly to the poor character of the criminals in this matter.  Not only have we put some of our best detectives on this case, but we also have increased patrols of graveyards throughout our county.  We plan to investigate every credible lead and find those responsible for this.”

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Department

Meanwhile, those who discovered their loved one’s headstones were damaged are trying to heal.

“He loves this spot, it’s under the tree and he said you can look out and see his Tennessee mountains and the farmland because he was a farmer,” said Maggie Inscho of why her father wanted to be laid to rest at the Bakers Forge Cemetery, his wife later joining him.

Inscho then went on to describe how something not so peaceful happened in this final resting sport for her parents.

“On March 17 I came out to pay respects to my parent’s graves and when I pulled up I noticed their concrete vases that is on either side of the tombstone was missing,” she said.

Maggie Inscho’s parents’ headstone at the Bakers Forge Cemetery, taken March 17, 2022.

The vase fixtures were something Inscho’s mother expressed was important to her before her passing.

 “She said ‘I always want pretty flowers in these vases,'” began Inscho. “Now, we’re not able to do that and the date of her death was on Monday the 28.”

Inscho also noticed similar damage to her uncle’s headstone, among others.

“There were over 16 tombstones that had been vandalized,” she said.

She was sure to note she does not blame the cemetery, adding she’s seen reports on the news of similar incidents happening across the state and country.

“They keep it up, it’s beautiful, they always make sure it’s mowed,” she said. “To have somebody to come in here and do this, it’s just devastating to us.”

Instead, she just wants to know who caused this pain. She shared a final message to whoever is responsible.

“First of all, shame on you,” said Inscho. “Second of all, How would you feel if somebody had done this to your mom and dad or your brother or sister?”

Inscho said she will eventually get the vases replaced, saying it would cost about $100 each.

Anyone with information about what happened at the Bakers Forge Cemetery is asked to call the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department at (423) 562-7446.