LOUISVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — In Blount County, two organizations teamed up to turn an older building in the Riverwood Christian Community into a new, state-of-the-art kitchen and classroom.

The Riverwood Christian community is “an inclusive ministry promoting the spiritual, physical, and emotional welfare of people living with mental and physical disabilities through direct care,” according to their website.

It’s on their Louisville campus where one building received a makeover: complete with quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, a new porch, and floors equip with the best material to allow for better grip for wheelchair users.

Beth Steele of the charity ‘Elizabeth’s Place‘ spoke about what having this new culinary school means to her and what it will allow for this special-needs community.

“I’m just amazed at how they went out there and got it done,” Steele said of the progress on the new building. “There’s people out there that are willing to give and to care for these people, and that these people are important to this community.”

Steele also said it’s in this new building and classroom that participants will learn culinary skills that can be transferred to the workforce in Blount County.

Tommy Roberts with ‘Hope with a Hammer‘ was behind the renovation. He spoke about what this process provided him and his crew.

“I guess the most gratifying thing is just knowing that this is going to continue to bear fruit and continue to touch lives,” said Roberts. “We just get to be a small part of Beth’s vision and how this is going to all come together and help so many people.”

Steele says she hopes to get classes going in the next couple of months once a curriculum is finalized.