LOUISVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — In Blount County, two organizations are teaming up to turn an older building in the Riverwood Christian Community into a new, state-of-the-art kitchen and classroom.

The Riverwood Christian community is “an inclusive ministry promoting the spiritual, physical, and emotional welfare of people living with mental and physical disabilities through direct care,” according to their website.

It’s on their Louisville campus that one building is getting a makeover.

“We’re taking about a thousand square foot building and we’re going to be remodeling it and turning it into a culinary school for special needs folks,” said Tommy Roberts who works with ‘Hope with a Hammer.’

While ‘Hope with a Hammer’ usually works on disaster relief, this time the group is putting their skills to the test in their own backyard.

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“When we came to visit the work site, the location here, we just brought the vision up a little higher,” said Roberts. “We’re going to make it nice from the inside out; New kitchen, new appliances, great work space, and make it just a really nice culinary school for these people.”

Beth Steele is also a crucial part of this recipe for success through her own charity ‘Elizabeth’s Place.’

“I just had this idea that I wanted to work with special needs and I have a nephew that’s special needs,” Steele explained about her mission in life. “So, I decided to do this and work with them and show them how to do culinary skills to get them back out into the community and work in restaurants.”

Steele said it’s in the future kitchen on the Riverwood property that all the ingredients will be in place for that to happen.

“They want to be part of the community, that’s one of their biggest wants, they don’t want to be tucked away in a corner somewhere and just given odd end things to do,” said Steele.

“Once you start working with these folks, they make you realize just how special life is around you,” she added. “We complain about things and go on about that, but they show you the happiness in the world and it’s just so awesome to work with them.”

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‘Hope with Hammer’ has a goal to have the new culinary facility complete by the holidays. They are also still working on the fundraising for the project. Roberts said it would cost about $36,000. At last update, they only had about $12,000 raised. To donate, those interested can head to the ‘Hope with a Hammer’ webpage.