KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A California-based nonprofit is looking to send a local cancer warrior, 7-year-old Noah Sileno, on a dream trip to Hawaii with his family.

The nonprofit Campaign One At A Time works with kids living with severe illnesses across the nation to make sure they never feel alone and get to fulfill their dreams. Now, they’re launching a campaign to raise money for Knoxville’s “Baby Noah” to take a trip to Hawaii.

Noah told WATE 6 News he wants to go to Hawaii to swim with the dolphins.

“I’ve never been to Hawaii,” said Noah while swinging on his playset. “I’ve been doing swimming lessons, everything for water to swim with dolphins, until I got relapsed again.”

Noah’s mom, Martha Sileno, provided an udpate on Noah’s health.

“Noah was originally diagnosed with high-risk b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia at three and a half,” she began, adding that Noah was in active treatment for 830 days and declared cancer-free on November 1, 2020. “He was doing great for 11 months and unfortunately we relapsed six months ago.”

The Sileno family was supposed to go swimming with dolphins in November, but with Noah’s relapse in October it was no longer possible. Martha spoke about the treatment Noah is currently going through.

“We’re on a clinical trial and Noah is using not only chemo but also immunotherapy which directly targets the leukemia cells and doesn’t affect the good cells,” she said.

So, as they work to beat cancer for a second time, they also have their sights set on a day with those dolphins.

“We want to impact them positively, we want them to look forward to something, we think it helps them with treatment,” explained Nick Ordonez with Campaign One At A Time. “It helps them just get through everything that they’re getting through.”

Noah and his entire family appreciate the support and break from their everyday routine, filled with appointments and treatment. His mom also said it’s about a lot more than just a trip, but also the memories.

“No matter what the future holds, I can always have my pictures, I can always have my videos and I want him to have memories outside the hospital.”

You can find a link to donate to Campaign One At A Time here.