2020 census data confirms growth being seen in Townsend

Smoky Mountains

TOWNSEND, Tenn. (WATE) — The “Peaceful Side of the Smokies” is seeing some major growth according to US census data released Thursday. Townsend saw a 83.61% increase in population between 2000 and 2010. Since 2010, the city has seen a 22.77% increase.

The census data speaks for itself. Once people get a taste of the beauty of Townsend they don’t want to leave.

John Thompson knows firsthand. As a realtor and owner of Why the Smokies LLC, he’s sold quite a few homes in this area during the past few years. Because of high demand, he’ll have his hands full for awhile.

“I have in my client database probably I don’t know close to 200 names of individuals who would love to move here when the time is right,” Thompson said.

There are plenty of qualities Townsend has that make it desirable. Ann Creel and her husband moved to Townsend a few years ago from Ohio. They wanted Townsend to be the location of their forever home.

“We had been on vacation to Gatlinburg so we sorta looked around there and we kind of broadened the search, and as soon as we drove over here and we saw the quiet side and the peaceful side, we were hooked and we knew this was the one we wanted,” Creel said.

“We have beautiful mountains, clean air, beautiful trees, woods, the wildlife and everything is fantastic. But I think it’s also the people. The people here are genuinely friendly.”

Ann has planted roots here in more ways than one, opening a home décor shop in the area.

If you’re looking to move to Townsend, John Thompson says you’ll be added to a long wait list. The steep mountains in the area limit the amount of land available, and puts some restrictions on building.

If you have to put your permanent living plans on hold, Townsend is always open for vacation.

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