GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WATE) — For severe and urgent situations, Sevier County has encouraged residents to sign up for the CodeRED Emergency Alert System. Here’s some information on the system and how you register.

What is a CodeRED?

The CodeRED Emergency Telephone Calling System is a high-speed telephone communication service utilized to deliver information regarding urgent situations, according to the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office website.

The system is geographically based so the street addresses are used so that telephone numbers will receive notifications during certain situations. All of the notifications work for both landline and mobile phones. Those who retain their telephone numbers when they move into the city, or a new address in the city, must enter their new address into the database.

CodeRED alerts are used to keep the general public informed of issues or events that affect personal and public safety.

How to sign up for CodeRED?

If a person has a current landline telephone number that has never changed, their information is already included in the CodeRED Emergency Alert System database. Residents can check their status by clicking the registration link. The link will prompt the person to create a CodeRED account, and they can enter, change or add telephone numbers to their account.

However, for those who have a new number or are new to the area will have to sign up online here.

The following are recommended to register for the CodeRED:

  • Households and/or businesses that do not maintain a landline telephone.
  • Individuals who use a mobile telephone as their primary telephone or who wish to be contacted when they are away from their landline telephone.
  • Individuals with unlisted telephone numbers.
  • Businesses or residents who have changed their telephone number or address (generally within the past twelve months).
  • All businesses (enter the preferred telephone number for delivery of emergency messages, which may be a number other than their primary business line).

A person can also sign up for more than one telephone number. The resident will need to provide an address with the telephone number connected to the property. If there are additional family members, they can register their mobile numbers separately, but they each need to use the same address associated with the family or business.

Telecommunications Device for the Deaf equipment can also receive CodeRED notifications.

CodeRED also has a Severe Weather Warming System that is an optional service. However, if anyone is interested in the service, they can sign up in the registration link.

Additional information:

  • There is no cost to register for CodeRED.
  • CodeRED dialing system will leave emergency alert messages on your voicemail or your answering machine. If there isn’t a voicemail, or the voicemail is full, CodeRED will call the telephone number in the database three times.
  • CodeRED subscribers can access and control their accounts from anywhere as long as they’re near secure Internet connection.
  • If you want to OPT OUT of the CodeRED system, go to and submit a request.