TOWNSEND, Tenn. (WATE) — Another malnourished bear cub has been admitted to the Appalachian Bear Rescue on Monday following one that was euthanized last week.

The new cub, HoneyBunny Bear, is about 14 months old and weighs 9.92 pounds.

According to the Appalachian Bear Rescue on social media, a woman who lived near Honey Creek in Fentress County said her dog found an intruder in her shred.

However, the “intruder” was actually a small bear.

The woman called the Appalachian Bear Rescue who directed her to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. TWRA sent Bear Support Biologist Janelle Musser who went to pick up the bear and asked the curators, including Executive Director Dana Dodd to meet her at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

HoneyBunny Bear
HoneyBunny Bear. (Courtesy of the Appalachian Bear Rescue)

Dr. Julie Sheldon and her team were able to take blood samples and x-rays of the cub. They found that the cub suffered from severe and prolonged malnutrition. Musser was also able to pull out multiple ticks from the bear, Appalachian Bear Rescue said.

The vets gave the cub an injection of iron supplement, and fluids to hydrate her and discharged her to Appalachian Bear Rescue’s care with the usual prescription for deworming medicine, according to the Appalachian Bear Rescue.

Appalachian Bear Rescue said on social media that HoneyBunny slept in the “Cub House” and ate apple berry sauce, mealworms, grapes and chopped apples.

“She’ll be on a controlled menu for the next few days while her body adjusts to increased nutrition. We’ll do our best for this little bear,” Appalachian Bear Rescue posted to social media.

The Appalachian Bear Rescue has been busy working with malnourished bears since last week. One bear cub, Sparky Bear, has been euthanized after vets found that his bones and joints “would never get better.”

Sparky’s passing was similar to CranBeary Bear, who was euthanized after suffering from irreversible, possibly genetic, malformation of his arm joints. CranBeary could not climb trees for safety and could only walk at a few paces for a short amount of time.