BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — A black bear cub hit by a car and left for dead in the Smoky Mountains is now recovering with fellow cubs at a rescue facility.

Myrtle Bear, as the cub has been called, was transferred into Wild Enclosure #3, with four other cubs at the Appalachian Bear Rescue. The facility said on social media that they placed the cub into the wild enclosure to make sure she is “in an area that will make her feel safe and the least ‘ornery’ or cranky.”

Myrtle was found by rangers as she laid injured on River Road the last weekend of September. She was taken for treatment and brought to the Appalachian Bear Rescue, where she has had her mobility, eating habits and senses monitored as she recovered.

“Myrtle is a brave cub; she’s the one venturing into ‘occupied territory’ and daring to walk the Tire Bridge and the Resting Platforms right in front of the current occupants. Good bear, Myrtle!” Appalachian Bear Rescue posted to Facebook.

According to the organization’s Facebook post, Myrtle joined other cubs named Truffle Thyme, Thistle and Taco, who have been a little apprehensive of the new resident. Myrtle decided to sleep in one corner of her own and forage in the area. The organization believes that the cub is still not sure about the other’s intentions.

“The cubs may decide to keep the status quo, foraging and sleeping in different areas of the enclosure, and keeping contact to a minimum, or they may become bosom buddies overnight,” Appalachian Bear Rescue posted to Facebook.

Appalachian Bear Rescue shared the “first contact” between the cubs. They witnessed one of the cubs calling on Myrtle and then joining her climbing up and down a tree.

“This is how cubby politics works: a lot of bluster, a lot of blowing; points are made, arguments offered, but rarely is there anything physical,” according to the Appalachian Bear Rescue Facebook post.

The curators added they expect the cubs to come to some understanding over the next few days.