SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Patrick Sanabria is scraping his money together to buy a new truck after his was stolen from a trailhead near the North Carolina border. However, the thief also made off with something something Sanabria can’t put a price on: a pendant containing his daughter’s ashes.

Sanabria’s youngest daughter Odette passed away in May of 2021, one day after her first birthday from a respiratory illness.

“We gave her a bath one night and laid her down,” Sanabria said. “When we come back in to check on her, she was gone.”

Patrick Sanabria's truck
Patrick Sanabria’s truck

Losing Odette so suddenly made Patrick desperate to have a piece of her near him. He says the pendant hung on the rearview mirror of his stolen truck.

“Kind of like I guess like a guardian angel type of thing,” Sanabria said. “I’m always in my car. Always in my truck running around. I can look at it every day.”

Patrick said he was hiking to the top of Mount Sterling and the abandoned fire tower there when the robbery occurred.

“Had a cup of coffee, hiked back down. When we got back to the trail head, truck was gone.”

Patrick said the loss was like “losing her all over again.” He says all he wants back is the priceless pendant.

Patrick’s truck was reported stolen Nov. 2. It was a 1997 Ford Ranger with a blue pin stripe down the side. If you see it, you’re asked to contact Gatlinburg Police at 865-436-5181.