KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — After two bear cubs died due to an illness related to a bacteria, one of the other sick bears has taken a “sudden” turn for the worse.

Appalachian Bear Rescue announced Monday that Thumper bear has passed away.

“After a good night and morning, Thumper took a sudden turn for the worse this afternoon. The doctors at The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, who have cared for him so valiantly, could do no more; to intervene again would just serve to postpone the inevitable. The

Appalachian Bear Rescue

Appalachian Bear Rescue previously reported that Thumper’s breathing became labored on Saturday afternoon. A video was sent to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine (UTCVM) for review after one of the curators noticed Thumper’s condition. Two veterinarians came to ABR and examined the bear.

The doctors gave him antibiotics, pain and anxiety medication, and an appetite stimulant. Once he was fully conscious, the bear was returned to his enclosure and reunited with Tamale. They slept together for most of the night.

The cause of the illness that killed Flapjack and Burrito, and made four other cubs sick, including Thumper and Tamale, may have been found. Veterinarians from UTCVM believe that a specific strain of bacteria found in the gallinaceous birds such as domesticated chickens and turkeys could be responsible.

The two other sick bear cubs, Martha Washington and her sister, Betsy Ross, are doing well according to ABR. The curators are monitoring their breathing.