GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WATE) — The Laurel Falls Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most popular trails that attract thousands of hikers a year.

With the announcement of new proposed changes to improve the current state of the trail, the national park is looking for public input.

“Some of the areas are nice and paved and it’s paved really all the way to the end but in some areas, the pavement is about this wide and it would be better if it were wider,” park visitor Mark Jacobson said. “Sometimes people have to stop and let people by.”  

The lack of parking being one of the biggest issues seen around the area is one thing visitors would like to see that improve.  

“They should add parking, they should absolutely add parking. It’s frustrating to pay for a parking pass and not have a place to park,” park visitor Scott Jacobson said. “Parking is crucial right now today and probably yesterday and like I said we aren’t even at high season. If you could any one thing, I would add parking before improving the trail.”

The park is looking to widen the paths as well as repaving them to make sure that they are safe for all those who hike the trail.  

“Absolutely widening would be helpful but there are a couple of places where if you widen it, you definitely need a handrail,” Scott Jacobson said. “There were a couple of times when I stopped to catch his breath there was a sheer drop. If you’re going to widen the trail and give the illusion of safety, you need to have some handrail spots.”  

Now nothing is set in stone as of now for improvements, but some hikers are saying they are much needed.