NASHVILLE (WKRN) – A bill aimed at cutting taxes on some women’s and baby hygiene products was shot down by lawmakers Tuesday.

Chris Welty, a new dad, said eliminating the so-called “tampon tax” would help his family.Previous:Feminine product sales tax could be reduced with Tenn. Senate bill

“It would help tremendously. We could afford other things. We could make everything a little easier,” he said.

The bill, introduced by Representative Sherry Jones and Senator Sara Kyle, aimed to reduce the state’s sales tax on diapers, tampons and over the counter drugs, freeing up a little more money for many families.

The products covered in the bill currently have a seven percent sales tax, but that would have changed to five percent, the same amount charged for groceries, if approved.

Passing the bill would have resulted in a decrease of $14.6 million in state revenue.

According to the site, during a baby’s first year, parents change around 2,500 diapers at a cost of at least $600 per year for disposable diapers.

“It adds up over time,” said mother of two, Star Davidson.

The bill has been referred to the Senate Finance, Ways, and Means Committee with negative recommendation.

Similar bills have been introduced in California, Utah and Virginia.