KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Even as we plan to spring forward this weekend, winter is still very much here. Snow is expected in the East Tennessee area, meaning road conditions may vary.

“As those temperatures get below freezing, that limits the effectiveness of our supplies, so if folks do not have to be on the roadways for the next 24 to 48 hours just stay at home,” Mark Nagi, the TDOT community relations officer said.

TDOT has been prepping roads since Thursday to help make sure drivers are safe, but Nagi said if you have to drive there are tips you should follow.

“Make sure you give yourself extra braking room, there’s going to be slick spots out there,” he said.

Apart from safe driving, Nagi said make sure you have a full tank of gas, blankets, bottled water, a spare tire and anything else that can be helpful if you happen to get stuck.

“We’re responsible for over 9,000 lane miles in East Tennessee alone, so we’re going to be working throughout this winter weather event, but we don’t get to everything immediately,” Nagi said.

Just like TDOT plans to cover roads with brine and salt, plant owners also need to have a plan.

The retail manager at Stanley’s Greenhouse, Abby Stanley, said it’s important to cover any shrubs or plants that are blooming or about to with a light sheet before it gets dark.

“Basically you’re wanting to create a little mini greenhouse, just trying to trap in as much heat as possible,” she said. “If the sheet gets wet it’s okay, that’s even going to help it more than you think as far as holding in the heat.”

As TDOT workers are prepared for winter to reappear during the spring, Stanley says plant owners can be prepared as well.

“We all know East Tennessee, we usually have several frost and freeze periods before the average last frost date which is supposed to be April 15th,” Stanley said.

Stanley also mentioned that if a plant’s leaves has burning from the cold, that doesn’t mean the plant is dead and can be revived.