KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville woman said a package worth thousands of dollars to her small business was stolen from her mailbox.

“I had received a notification from UPS that I had a package delivered, and within three hours the package had been taken out of our mailbox and had been stolen,” said Vanessa Jenkins, owner of Vanessa’s Eclectic Vintage. “It was nine collectibles, vintage collectibles, autographs, etc..”

Some of those autographs came from Carrie Fisher and Dave Prowse who both starred in “Star Wars,” making the package worth around $5,000. One of those items was valued at $3,000 alone, she said.

“It really was not pleasant, especially since I went to the mailbox as absolutely as soon as I could,” Jenkins said.

The small business is located within Vintage Treasures. Jenkins plans to celebrate her business’ second anniversary in a couple of days, but losing this particular package in late February still stings.

“It’s already kind of a slow season for selling clothes, so for somebody to take that, it was really not fun, especially since I was so excited,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said those items are irreplaceable and she is hoping someone will step forward, but until then, she wants the community to be aware.

“Just be cautious and keep your eyes out for anything that’s gone missing and file a police report if you can,” she said.

Jenkins filed a report with Knoxville Police and notified the post office in the hopes of helping others in the area be aware.