GARLAND, Texas (ABC) – When a veterinarian technician found a stray pit bull on the side of the road, she was amazed to find it nursing a two-day old kitten.

As there were no other animals in sight, the employee brought the unlikely duo back to her office at Mercy Animal Clinic. The pit bull — named Pitty — is unrelenting in her affection, showering the kitten with kisses as often as she can.

“The dog is sweet and loves the kitten, but her milk is drying up,” Mercy Animal Clinic wrote on their Facebook page. “We are bottle feeding the kitten today and placing it in a home with a nursing mother cat tonight.

There, both animals received care by veterinarian Rick Hamlin, DVM, who owns and runs the clinic. Hamlin took the kitten home with him that night to make sure she got fed, though, the adopted mother was not happy about that.

After being separated from the kitten, Pitty started howling. Every morning, however, Pitty is anxiously waiting to see her adopted baby.

The clinic continues to let Pitty care for the kitten while also trying to find them a new home together.