KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s 2020 “Crime in Tennessee” report, which gathers crime data from the state’s law enforcement agencies, shows a decline in reported crime for 2020. According to TBI, the 2020 data was ‘undeniably’ impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as many community-gathering places were closed, like workplaces and schools.

A total of 506,558 Group A offenses were reported in 2020, decreasing 5.0% from 2019 according to the report. Group A offenses include crimes against persons, like rape or murder, crimes against property like arson, fraud, and theft, and crimes against society like animal cruelty, drug crimes, and prostitution.

State-wide domestic violence also saw a decrease of 2.1% from 2019, however, Knox County and Knoxville saw an increase of 6.3% and 5% respectively. State-wide more domestic violence-related murders were reported with 94 in 2020 and 85 in 2019. Reports of aggravated assault, stalking, sodomy, incest and kidnapping related to domestic violence also all saw an increase.

Over the past three years, DUI arrests have seen a decline, in 2020 there was a 7.1% decrease from 2019. The report claims that this is likely due to the pandemic.

Males made of 69.2% of those arrested and 66% of those arrested were white while 33% were Black. Ages 25-34 saw the highest number of arrestees and this age group has been the highest for the past four years. 6.8% of arrests were juveniles and juvenile arrests have decreased by 34.1% since 2019.

When looking at victims, a similar trend with race and age is seen. However, for gender, 52.9% of victims are females with Group A offenses and 71.6% of domestic violence victims are female.