SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — An AMBER Alert issued on February 19th for Evelyn Boswell still hasn’t led to any confirmed sightings of the missing toddler.

“We are hopeful, we’re not giving up hope,” TBI spokesperson Leslie Earhart said on Thursday.

Earhart told News Channel 11 the TBI at least has more information than they did at the start of the investigation two weeks ago.

“However, I can say that so far, we aren’t any closer to determining where Evelyn is at this point,” she said.

More specific details on the Evelyn investigation still can’t be made public. Earhart did confirm the TBI still has agents following up on leads daily.

“At one point during this investigation, there were as many as 50 agents, intelligence analysts, and other staff members working on this case,” she said.

This also included the TBI’s Technical Services Unit, Criminal Investigation Division, and Drug Investigation Division. But the TBI’s tip count is currently hovering at 880. Earhart said these tips have come in from around the United States. The TBI has also had to review surveillance footage from dozens of locations.

“In situations where we’ve received reports of a potential sighting,” Earhart said.

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But there’s still been no confirmed sightings of Evelyn. Some complications from the investigation have come from Evelyn’s family.

“Some family members have been more cooperative than others,” Earhart said. “But we maintain that since the beginning, we’ve received a number of conflicting statements, and that has made this investigation very difficult.”

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When it comes to finding Evelyn, Captain Andy Seabolt of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office stated in an email to News Channel 11:

“We are closer than we were at the onset, but we still need more information. There is someone that knows about this case, and we urge them to come forward.”

Earhart said the TBI believes there’s at least one person who still has the information needed to find Evelyn.

“We believe there’s somebody out there that has not come forward yet,” she said. “And we would urge that person to do the right thing.”