NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Tennessee Department of Health released a statement regarding the ‘pause’ in the distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The Department stated Tennessee will follow the federal recommendation and pause the use of the vaccine.

The state said the vaccine supply continues to ‘surpass demand’ but state health leaders said this is not expected to impact efforts to vaccinate Tennesseans.

Dr. Alex Jahangir, Chair of the Metro Coronavirus Task Force said, “People have the confidence in the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and I think time will tell and I’m reserving any judgement until the people that really know this stuff can evaluate the data and make an opinion if something is not safe. And that’s what science shows… then I don’t think we should move forward if its safe though we need to work on regaining the trust of people if that’s the vaccine we use.”

President and CEO, Professor of Internal Medicine, Meharry Medical College, James E.K. Hildreth also tweeted about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.