NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — According to Unacast, the state of Tennessee could be doing a better job at social distancing. Uncast’s Social Distancing Scoreboard gives Tennesee a ‘D-‘ grade when it comes to social distancing. The average over the entire United States is a ‘C’.

Unacast compared current location data to data collected before the COVID-19 pandemic and noted changes in total distance traveled, time spent around the house, and activity clusters. This data is used to create the Social Distancing Scorecard.

Tennessee has only seen a 25-40% change in average mobility.

  • A: > 70% decrease
  • B: 55-70% decrease
  • C: 40-55% decrease
  • D: 25-40% decrease
  • F: <25% decrease

But if you take a look at the county level, there is some hope here in Middle Tennessee. Both Davidson and Williamson Counties have scores of B-. Davidson County alone has seen a decrease between 40 and 55 percent in average mobility which means that people are staying home more. There has also been a 70 percent decrease in non-essential visits.

Other counties in Middle Tennessee have scores ranging from ‘C’ all the way to ‘F’. Social distancing is the most effective tool we have for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Data like this indicates that many residents of Tennessee could be doing a better job.