NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Restaurants from Puerto Rico to Portland, Maine have been named among the 50 best restaurants in the country by the New York Times.

The Restaurant List is an annual collection of NYT’s favorite restaurants in America. Each entry on the list of restaurants they “love most in 2022,” breaks down why the location stands out.

Nashville’s restaurants, Locust and Audrey, made the restaurant list for this year.

Here is NYT’s statement about the Locust restaurant:

Ask Nashville chefs where they eat on their days off, and more likely than not they’ll say Locust, the deceptively unassuming restaurant run by Trevor Moran, an Irishman who spent four years cooking at Noma in Copenhagen before landing in Nashville at the buzzy tasting-menu counter the Catbird Seat. There are no servers here. Mr. Moran or one of his merry band of chefs will coax you past the small menu and onto an exhilarating (and expensive) ride. They might be stuffing escargot into halibut or turning caviar, rice and raw, chopped bottom round from a Tennessee ranch into deconstructed sushi. Of course, you’ll order the dumplings, but end it all with the only dessert: a wild version of the Japanese shaved-ice confection called kakigori.

Here is NYT’s statement about the Audrey restaurant:

Sean Brock brings every bit of his culinary, intellectual and history-loving self to this restaurant, which was named for his grandmother and is dedicated to interpreting and honoring Appalachian food. What does that look like? Some dishes come from a Noma-like lab where, for example, he extracts the essence of the dried snap beans called leather britches and turns it into a demi-glace, which he uses to slick a succotash built from nixtamalized hominy and a pickled version of the same bean. An ember-roasted lion’s-mane mushroom crowns the dish. Mr. Brock’s hand has touched every part of the restaurant, from the rare collection of outsider art on the walls to the meditation room for staff upstairs. KIM SEVERSON

Major dining destinations earned multiple entries on the list, including Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, but but smaller cities – including Ashland, Oregon and Madison, Wisconsin also made a list.

New York Times Best Restaurants in America 2022 list features a mix of brand-new locations and places that have been around for decades. You can see the full list of 50 restaurants here.