A Tennessee State University student faces charges after she accused her roommate of contaminated her drink with toilet water.

Investigators say Tierni Williams was seen on video pouring toilet water into her roommate’s water bottle. Also, she faces charges for taking lewd pictures of her roommate, Erein Tiller, and posting them on social media.

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Tiller’s mother, Nicole Wright, says she found out that her daughter was expelled from the school.

“My daughter was never offered any type of empathy or sympathy for her being sick, for being ill. The only resolution they have is, she’s going to be kicked out. She has to be out tomorrow by 5 o’ clock,” said Nicole Wright.

Tiller and Williams had only been roommates for about six weeks, and in that short time, both have been arrested for crimes against each other.

Tiller is a junior and her mother says she has lived in dorms since her freshman year. The mother says her daughter has never had any problems with roommates, until now.

“TSU was filled to capacity when we got there, my daughter was one left without housing. They put her in temporary housing where she was with two other loving young ladies, and then they moved her from temporary housing into permanent housing with Ms. Williams. Ms. Williams made it very clear in the beginning, she thought she was going to be in the room by herself,” Wright stated.

Tiller’s mother says that’s what started the feud.

“The young lady kept mentioning the fact that she wanted to be in the room by herself.’ It went from that to small things; she would have company late. Or she would be up late and have her desk lamp towards my daughter and be loud,” she said.

Tiller was arrested on Oct. 3, and charged with domestic violence against her roommate. According to a police affidavit, Tiller admitted to punching Williams after she found out about offensive pictures she posted online.

“The young lady who put the toilet water in her water bottle, was also posting pictures without my daughter’s knowledge of her in like her bra and her underwear, and her sleeping. She posted a lot of pictures,” said Wright.

She said after a few other arguments about things like their dorm room temperature, her daughter started complaining of stomach pain.

“I was thinking that maybe it was something that she had eaten. Her words were ‘Ma, my roommate was poisoning me.’ I said poisoning you? She said yes. She posted a video on SnapChat and was sending it to people and showing people the video,” Wright said.

Williams was arrested and charged with food-drug tampering.

According to Wright, her daughter did ask for help.

“The suitemates, RAs, and the residence director, they were all aware of exactly what was going on because my daughter went to them numerous times. My daughter was often discouraged and it was said to her… you wouldn’t want to talk to my superiors because then they may try to put both of you out because we’re full to capacity and there’s nowhere for you to go,” said Wright.

She said the solution was for both women to sign a contract and abide by it, but that didn’t work, and now both girls are facing consequences.

TSU sent the following statement:

The University does not comment on open investigations as is the case with this incident. Also, due to federal and state student privacy laws, we cannot comment on possible disciplinary matters involving specific TSU students. In general, students who engage in conduct that may violate criminal laws and/or implicate the University’s Student Conduct Code will be subject to the University’s student disciplinary process, including sanctions ranging from immediate “interim suspension” to expulsion from the University. Any questions regarding arrest and charges involving students should be directed to Davidson County Criminal Court.

Both women are due in court next month.