Tennessee State House District 13 race heating up over campaign ads


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton isn’t the only race in the election getting a little heated.

Gloria Johnson and Eddie Smith are facing off for a second time for the general assembly. There are advertisements involved giving this race more attention. Some of the ads are hitting a nerve with Johnson.

“Those advertisements have been incredibly negative,” said Johnson.

Johnson’s supporters are also unhappy with the advertisements supporting the Smith campaign.

“Putting her in black and white, negating all of her good works, making her out to be inept or something when it’s the complete opposite,” said Suzanne Russell.

State Rep. Smith says he doesn’t disagree with the ads’ overall messages.

“I can’t answer for any of the third party advertising, but I believe when you strip away all the theatrics of what those mail pieces are saying, when you look at the record, I would be upset too if I had her voting record because two years ago the voters in this district rejected what she had done in Nashville.”

With issues on the line such as public education, voters are finding it even more important to vote in this year’s local election.

“That’s where the real day to day issues that affect us,” said Gabriella Valentine. “That’s where that comes from, all of our things that are based off of Knox County education and the things that affect us day to day. That’s based on a local election.’’

The number of voters hitting the polls early may show just how important this year’s elections are.

“I just don’t want to take any risks,” said Caitlin Lunsford. “I don’t want to be busy on the 8th or it’s crowded; I’m just worried that something may go wrong. I want to exercise my right to vote.”

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