KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The  Beck Cultural Exchange Center is working on a new project that will bring the past to life. It’s called the Beck Cultural Corridor.

When complete, there will be various markers within the city where you can use your smartphone to access information and pictures of places that may no longer still be standing but were once part of the area’s rich Black history and culture.

“That’s a lot about what the Beck cultural corridor is,” said Reneé Kesler, president of the Beck Center. “It’s putting history in the very spaces and places where history took place. People will say, I didn’t know that that’s where that happened or that’s where that park was or what have you. And that’s what we hope to do, help you connect you with your community.”

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The part of the corridor is expected to be complete sometime in 2022. The center plans to expand it across the state.