The adoptive father of the missing Madisonville 14-year-old who officials announced late Thursday had been found safe, was arrested Thursday afternoon and being held without bond on a rape charge in the Monroe County Jail.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office authorities confirmed late Thursday Randall Lee Pruitt, 41, was charged in connection to the case of the missing girl, but the charge was not directly correlated with the 14-year-old adoptive daughter’s disappearance. 

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An arrest warrant shows deputies were called to the Pruitt home on January 14 for a report of a missing juvenile.

Deputies spoke with Randall and Christina Pruitt who said they went into the girl’s room and she was missing. The window was open and some clothing and bed sheets were missing.

The FBI joined the search for the girl and later obtained a search warrant for email and messaging records on the teen’s cell phone. The search warrant indicates they found explicit video and photos of Randall Pruitt having sexual intercourse with his adoptive daughter in her bedroom.

Video of this explicit content was then emailed to someone, according to the search warrant. 

Pruitt, who was being held without bond until his bond hearing Tuesday, was interviewed with his attorney present along with the FBI and MCSO; officials telling WATE 6 On Your Side they asked Pruitt questions surrounding the whereabouts of the missing girl. 

According to MCSO, more charges are to come with multiple people involved. 

WATE 6 On Your Side spoke with the mother of the 14-year-old girl, who says she had no idea about any of it and is focusing on coping, her three other children, and getting to see her 14-year-old daughter again after learning everything from authorities. 

WATE 6 On Your Side is not naming the victim of the alleged rape, per policy.