MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WATN) – The mother of NFL player Michael Oher is speaking about her son, her new home, recent troubles and triumphs.

At age 59, Denise Oher says things are looking up. She admits her life hasn’t been easy, but now she’s living in a new home.

“Alright this is my kitchen,” said Denise Oher. Oher gave us a tour of her new home in South Memphis. “This a bedroom for my children. This is my bedroom. It’s a wreck.”

Still unpacking boxes, Oher moved here just weeks ago. She was one of the last residents to be moved out of Foote Homes, the last public housing complex still standing in Memphis. The place Oher had called home for 13 years.

Now she is living in a two-bedroom home on Elvis Presley Boulevard.

“When I found this house, I said what a blessing when I walked in the door. I said this is my dream home,” said Oher.

In the movie “The Blind Side”, Denise Oher was portrayed as a mother with a drug problem, living in poverty. She said with eleven children, it was tough.

“With drugs bringing up my children, we was here and there, but we was all together. Ain’t never no loss. I’ve been through a lot of struggles and a lot of my children coming up, so I had to pray and God brought me through that,” said Oher.

Since the movie came out seven years ago, Oher’s troubles have made headlines. A DUI charge in 2013 drew lots of media attention. Since then, Oher says she’s been clean.

“I haven’t had any drugs in 6 years. Ain’t had nothing to drink in three years. So I am on the right path. Ain’t no turning back this time. That’s all I know to say about that. No turning back this time.”

Oher says she hasn’t talked to her son Michael in quite some time, which she says is disappointing. “I don’t know if he is dead or alive, and that’s a sad thing to say, but it’s the truth.” She added, ” We don’t hear much from Michael, ya know. Hopefully, God will slap him in the back and he’s does what he is supposed to be doing as a family, with his family.”

Oher says moving has been an adjustment. “I don’t have a television. I don’t have living room furniture.  I don’t have a washer dryer. I don’t have nothing. But I’m praising God something’s going to break.”

She wants everyone to know, she’s slowly but surely turning her life around.

“My life is excellent ‘cause I wake up every morning. I give God praise. To be honest with ‘ya, I’m trying to make it with the strength of God,” said Oher. “Thank you, Jesus, in your name. Amen. “

Local 24 tried to reach Michael Oher for a comment, but was unsuccessful.