MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — A “catnapping” investigation is underway after two people allegedly took a rescue cat from a Murfreesboro pet store.

According to the Murfreesboro Police Department, two unidentified people visited the PetSmart on Old Fort Parkway on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Later on, officials said the pair left the store with a “gray and white adolescent Calico cat,” which had been in a cage in the adoption area.

Surveillance footage shows one of the individuals leading a dog on a leash as they enter and exit the store, while the other person is seen carrying a cat in their arms as they head out the door.

Officials said the rescue cat belongs to an adoption agency called Dove Road Sanctuary and Safe Haven, which is responsible for the animal’s placement.

The president of the organization, Jody Beskini, told News 2 she saved the cat, named Cinnamon, after she was dumped in the Nashville area.

Less than an hour after she dropped the cat off at PetSmart for adoption, the couple took Cinnamon, according to Beskini.

“I don’t think I have enough expletives to say how upset and in shock actually that that happened,” Beskini said.

Cinnamon’s friendly personality likely made it easier for the criminals to steal her, Beskini said. She added that she is worried Cinnamon will be dumped again after the thieves get over the rush they had from stealing her.

“We put a lot into our cats, and for this to happen, it’s beyond ridiculous because you know that they’re doing this to other people and other stores, so they need to get caught,” said Beskini.

The Dove Road Sanctuary and Safe Haven announced there will be a reward for any information leading to an arrest, but all Beskini really wants is to find Cinnamon.

If you recognize the persons of interest photographed above, you are asked to contact Detective Ed Gorham by calling 629-201-5507 or emailing

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