MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man survived after being pinned underneath a car in a bad crash Monday in Rutherford County.

(Photo: WKRN)

Now his fiance is searching for the men who came to his rescue and lifted the car, saving her soon-to-be husband.

WKRN was able to track down one of the heroes, Zach McCan, who says the crash was a sound he has heard all too often.

“I just knew exactly what it was from the sound,” McCann said. “I heard almost no brakes, very short brake, and then a big thud, metal.”

McCann had just woken up from taking a nap, heard the crash, and ran outside to help.

“It was rolled over on its side, so the passenger side tires were right here,” he said. “It was laid sideways on the ditch.”

Four other men were already trying to lift the vehicle, a 2007 Cadillac, off the victim.

“[We] had to bend down, grabbed the car down here, and roll it off of him,” McCann said. “He was pinned under the passenger side door.”

It was a horrific crash involving two vehicles in the 2400 block of Dilton Mackin Road in Rutherford County around 3:30 p.m. Monday afternoon.

“It was pretty bad,” McCann told WKRN.

Call it pure strength, but the men were determined to free the victim, 29-year-old Jason Shahan.

“It didn’t seem as heavy just because the adrenaline was going you knew somebody was down there,” McCann said. “You didn’t think of it as an option, you had to get it off of him.”

A man renovating a house nearby propped the vehicle up with a board until medics arrived.

Shahan was flown to the hospital. His fiance said he suffered multiple injuries including broken ribs, a fractured spine, and bruises to his chest and heart muscles.

She took to social media, looking for the men who saved his life and wanting to personally thank them.

Shahan’s fiance also said she is six months pregnant after struggling for years to have a baby.

She said her husband’s thoughts of their little baby girl is what kept him holding on after the wreck.

A mother’s call for help

The Tennessee Highway Patrol said the other vehicle, a 2008 Toyota, was driven by a 16-year-old boy.

Troopers said he was attempting to make a left turn into his driveway when the collision happened. He failed to yield the right of way, according to THP. The teen’s mother said he and a friend had just left school.

THP said there were no signs of alcohol or drugs, and as of now no charges have been filed.

News 2 spoke with the mother of that 16-year-old who said she heard the loud crash and later realized it was her own son, making a frantic call to 911 for help.

“My son, my son, was in an accident and the guy, I hope he’s breathing,” she told the dispatcher.

“Ma’am, what kind of accident was your son in?” the dispatcher asked.

“A, a, a car accident,” the mother replied.

She told News 2 she wants to let the victim’s family know they are thinking about them, and they are happy he’s going to recover.