KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – After a school teacher in Memphis went missing in a possible abduction while jogging, runners in Knoxville are sharing advice on how to be safe while exercising outdoors.

Memphis Police are now searching for 34-year-old school teacher Eliza Fletcher after she went for a run Friday morning and may have been abducted. It was reported that she was forced into an SUV and taken away.

We asked Knoxville running clubs about measures you can take when out on a run.

Kristy Altman is a kid’s running coach and an avid runner herself.

“It doesn’t happen very often. Truly in our area, our greenways are safe, our roadways are safe, we have a lot of officers who are out looking for things that are going on,” Altman said. “So, we don’t have that kind of incident here very often. We don’t see it across the country very often but when we do it’s a great reminder of some things we can do to keep ourselves safe when we run.”

Altman said she takes her kids to local parks and greenways all around Knoxville to run. 

“Our kids come here a couple of nights a week to come practice,” she said while standing in Lakeshore Park. “We always have adults with them, we always are keeping an eye on them, we head count them as they’re taking off, we head count them as they come back.”

She added that it’s best to run in a group of two or more. If you find yourself running alone, you should make sure someone’s aware and be aware of your surroundings.

“It’s always good to have someone knowing where you are and how long you’re going to be there when you head out on a run.”

“I love music when I run but I never run with two earbuds in, always just one. That way I can hear what’s going on,” Altman said. “Keep your head up. Make sure you’re looking around, that your head is on a swivel that you can always see what’s going on around you, that you can always make eye contact.”

Knoxville also has several running groups that you can join no matter your skill level. You can find a list here.

The search for Memphis jogger 34-year-old Eliza Fletcher continues.

We’ll keep you posted on the investigation into her disappearance on air and at