NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Nashville teenager has been charged with dozens of crimes across Middle Tennessee and investigators said more charges are coming.

Investigators in Gallatin said the young man was linked to an alleged crime syndicate accused of thefts in multiple cities across Middle Tennessee.

For several months, News 2 has been reporting on a number of crimes where criminals either show up driving stolen muscle cars, or they steal a muscle car to commit crimes.

Now, police have confirmed to News 2 there’s been a break in the case.

According to Gallatin police, 19-year-old Davon Harney is the focal point of an alleged Middle Tennessee theft operation originating out of Nashville.

“We have caught one of those Individuals with the help of other agencies in Middle Tennessee,” said Captain Lamar Ballard with the Gallatin Police Department. “They are hitting every jurisdiction; they are stealing anything they can get out of the cars, credit cards, wallets, purses, guns.”

After multiple car break-ins in mid-January in White House and Hendersonville, the Hendersonville Police Department identified Harney as a suspect. At the time, Harney was not under arrest, but police said he was in possession of a stolen credit card taken during a crime spree and was caught on camera using that credit card.

At the time, Hendersonville police commander Scott Ryan said, “These crimes of car burglaries and car thefts are just property crimes, but we know they (happen before) the more violent crimes of robberies and shootings.”

While investigators from Sumner, Davidson and Montgomery counties compared investigative notes on the alleged syndicate, the crimes continued.

On March 25, 2023, Gallatin police reported the criminals arrived at Gallatin High School, driving a stolen white muscle car. At least two thieves were seen breaking into 13 cars at the school.

Video showed one thief lifting another thief for leverage as they reached into a car.

(Source: Gallatin Police Department)

Gallatin police also showed News 2 surveillance footage later that night, showing the stolen white muscle car stopping in a motel parking lot. The car backed up to a parked high performance Dodge. Police said syndicate members broke in and stole multiple handguns.

Police in Gallatin also linked Harney to the March 25 crime spree after he was caught on camera using a stolen credit card at a Clarksville gas station. The credit card was stolen from one of the victims in Gallatin.

“We know he has other individuals with him. We would like to get them identified. Of course, our investigators are working with all the Middle Tennessee jurisdictions. We do have suspects,” Ballard said.

Gallatin police have charged Harney with more than 20 crimes and police said more are coming.

Hendersonville police told News 2 Harney has been charged with three counts of vehicle burglary, two counts of theft of property $10,000-$60,000, one count of theft of property from $1,000-$2,500, and two counts of theft of property less than $1,000.

Harney also has a criminal history in Nashville; Metro police said he was charged on Wednesday, April 26 with two counts of reckless endangerment without a weapon, resisting stop, frisk, halt, arrest, or search, evading arrest, two counts of weapon possession (handgun), driving on a suspended license, and leaving the scene of an accident with damage over $1,500.

Despite being charged with more than two dozen crimes, Harney has reportedly made bond in both Sumner and Davidson counties.

Anyone with more information is asked to call Gallatin police at 615-452-1313.