COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Here’s a “fact sheet” Cookeville and Putnam County authorities have put together about the tornadoes that killed 18 there and injured more than 88 early Tuesday morning.

At approximately 2 a.m. CST, a confirmed tornado touched down in Putnam County between Cookeville and Baxter.

The most impacted areas are:

  • Charleston Square
  • Plunk Whitson Road
  • Echo Valley
  • Prosperity Point
  • North McBroom Chapel
  • Double Springs Utility District

This continues to be a search and rescue operation and crews are going house to house using a grid search.

At this time, there are 18 confirmed fatalities, including some children, and more than 88 injuries are being treated at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. There are another 38 unaccounted for.

Emergency shelters are currently established at the Cookeville Community Center, Putnam County YMCA, and Cookeville First Baptist Church

Families that need assistance please contact 646-help.

Many cell towers are down and communication remains an issue.

Volunteers are being coordinated by Putnam County EMA. Water and non-perishable foods are being collected at the Cookeville Community Center.

Those wishing to volunteer assistance may reach out by email at

Please understand needs continue to be assessed, a news release said. More information concerning ways to assist will be communicated in the coming hours and days.

Putnam County officials ask if you are on this list, please call (931) 646-4636.

Missing person list

Jennifer Thornton

Beverly Garren


Heather Brouhard

Deanna Berry

Mike Davis

Misty Rittenberry

Carol Carter

Ashley Brendle

Amy Morgan

Joyce Garrett

Lisa Burgess

Derek Davis

Jackie Murphy

Christina Taylor

Jon West

Belinda Brown

Anne Meruski

Marilyn Scensky

Armando Capuzo

Moris Bilbrey

Teresa Patterson

Theresa Locke

Tommy and Thomas Saunders

Rachel Baughman

Tommy Curtis

Kristina Hardin

Heidi Slyer

Luciano Gonzalez

Mary Gibson

Katherine Julian

Krystal Renfro

Doreen Black

Ryan Hunter

Chris Ryans and Brandi Sherrill

Belinda and Willy Harris

Jeff Littrell

Jolen Billingsley

Patricia Kennedy

Breanna John Letts

Tom and Sandy Jones

Penny Penelope Cole

Margie Dyer

Thomas Weinblatt

James Mullins

Charles Henley

Gene and Francis Gregory

Velma Hammock

Gloria Bos

Phyllis Burchett

Jarvis Matheney

Charles Spurlock

Diana and Robert Smith

Linda Harness

Katherine Misflin

Jane Reed

Kevin Smith

Jenia and Kenny Biles

Alex Horn

Michael Bowers

Heather Hassen

Edna Kramer

Shirley and Clyde Ford

Iris Walker

Dwight Gentry

Betty Newman

Alyssa Thompson

Fannie Patterson

Maryann Cordero

Stephanie Lander